Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've added...

...some new photos to both albums, and some more blogs to my blog roll.

I've deleted some blogs as well, since there was no activity on them.

And that's about it for today, folks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Not in any Particular Order Photo Story of When Pa-Paw and Ya-Ya came to visit.

...as told by Sarah (so don't believe too much of what you hear).

Pa-Paw and Ya-Ya came to visit in mid-October (and that's another reason why Mom hasn't gotten around to working on this blog), and they arrived on the day of Ya-Ya's birthday. I was excited about them being here, and I wanted to show them everything; especially how safe my ice-skating helmet is, because sometimes, cinnamon rolls can be dangerous.

One day, during their visit, we went to see downtown Fairbanks, because it's the largest city in interior Alaska, and we wanted to show Pa-Paw and Ya-Ya how huge and modern it is (compared to life in the bush). I took some time to reflect on my life so far...

...and how I was going to get Pa-Paw to pick me up because I was tired of walking and thinking.

We also took them to see the Museum of the North at the University of Fairbanks. I'm not joking; this place is impressive. Gabe liked it. See?

At the museum, there was a butterfly exhibit. Now, it's by no means as cool as the one that they had in New Orleans a couple of years ago (Gabe told me all about it, because I didn't get to go), but there were some really pretty things to see. Living...

and pretending to die.

During that week, we drove Dad's truck up an icy hill north of Fairbanks to get lunch and pie at the Hilltop Truck Stop.

It's a popular place for the truckers going up to Prudhoe Bay, or wherever those guys traveling the Elliot Highway are going, and so they have their own smoking and eating room. See?

Chena Hot Springs was hot on the list of must-do's for that week. And the ice carving people even made a pumpkin for me! (Mom mentioned before not to believe anything you read, people!)

We saw the pipeline...

...and an old man in a red suit, that my brother was especially nice to (I wonder why?).

And even though Mom was very disappointed that the moose that makes tracks in the snow almost every day in our yard, but we can't seem to catch her at the right times (I think she's invisible) we were able to see Denali Mountain a.k.a. Mt. McKinley before they went home to Louisiana.

I wish they didn't have to leave. We miss them very much.

But...we should see them around Christmas time. And hopefully, Daddy will be home around that time too!

Keep your crossed.

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