Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh, My!!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like the walls of my house were caving in on me. I needed to get out of town and see something different, so Gabe suggested that we go to Austin. After googling things in Austin that we haven't done yet, I found the Zoo. And I'm glad that we went.

It's a sanctuary, actually. Some of the cages had little bios on each animal, which was really interesting. For example, a buzzard named "Knees" actually looked like he walks on his knees. All the animals seemed to be in good spirits because the weather was not so hot. The tigers were playing in the water, the Lions were basking in the sun, and the Bears were being lazy bears. Gabe got molested by a couple of goats in the petting zoo, but he handled it well. Needless to say, he'd had enough of feeding the animals.

Also on yesterday's agenda: Lunch at P.F. Changs, the Bob Bullock Museum, an Imax movie on the Grand Canyon and the disappearing Colorado River (with music by Dave Matthews Band!), and quality time with friends at J.K.'s house!

Here's another video (enjoy):

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Banana Puffs!

I realize it's been a while since family and friends from back home have seen the kids. Here's a video that I filmed a few days ago; it was/is intended for Phillip, but I decided that I'd let ya'll in on the fun too. Enjoy! J~

Monday, September 22, 2008

Twilight and Missing Moles

How do you like my title?

First off, my mood has gotten better. I still wake in the morning with the shakes, not knowing what the day will bring, but I've gotten better at handling my days in general. I guess I really messed myself up by going to Louisiana this past summer, because I didn't give myself the time to adjust like my friends did, but at the same time, I'm glad that I used up three months exploring my home state and being with family. My adjustment period is now, and I'm getting to be okay with it. It helps to have plans with friends on weekends, since weekends can be a nightmare for me if we have no plans. Shoot...any time I have plans to spend time with other adults is good for me. And yes, I know I still have to get in touch with some new friends so that I can spend time with them (J.B.)....I want to, I really do.

I'm getting there. Just be a bit more patient with me.

I've spent a lot of time in the past week reading the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I'd heard about it in the past and I tell ya, I can't put the book down for long. I find myself putting off projects and house work during the day (and especially when Sarah naps) to read this darn book. I'm hooked. I also feel like a traitor to Anne Rice, but hey...Ms. Meyer is a good story teller. I normally can't sit down for long to concentrate on a book before my mind starts to wander in all directions, but this is different. I had fun texting my friend, J.K., this morning over what parts I've read so far. J.K.'s read the series and it's fun to get some teasers from her.

I also went to the dermatologist this morning to get some moles removed. I didn't realize how attached I was, to a mole on the left side of my neck, until I got into my car and looked in the mirror. I feel like a part of me, my character, is gone. Damn! I should've just told the P.A. to leave it alone if she didn't see it as a problem. Otherwise, one mole in particular that has been a literal pain under the bra strap is gone. Yeah for that one! And another on my chest, that can clearly be seen when I wear a v-neck shirt...gone too.

I had to drop Sarah off at daycare on post so that I could go to my appointment, and I was nervous about it. I'd never left her with anyone besides friends or family, and I was curious to see how she and I would both handle it. I'm happy to tell you that we both survived, we have another appointment for next week, and she is exhausted and taking a nap right now in her swing. Oh, and I just love the way some ladies at the center called her "Juicy", obviously referring to her chubbiness. Juicy...funny.

One more day almost gone....and how many more to go?
I hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yup, that's the way I feel right now. Sorry.

Here's a few short notes for you:

  • I joined the local gym and lost about 5 lbs.
  • Sarah must be trying to cut a tooth because she's drooling everywhere, pooping the grossest diapers ever, and biting everything in sight! I was afraid that she was sick, but Phillip reminded me that Gabe's diapers looked like Sarah's do now. Amazing what Dad's remember.
  • Gabe is doing well in school. Mr. Popularity can't seem to keep his mouth shut and that gets him into trouble...oh, and his stubbornness does too, but hey, he's learning and that pleases me.
  • These days, I check email and don't answer it. I'm a woman of few words these days and so don't get offended if I seem to ignore you. I just don't have much to say. But, I'm trying...
  • I'm working on all sorts of small projects around the house when I get the motivation. Pictures that need to be developed is number one on my list. I've cleaned out all of the "baby toys" from Gabe's room and plan to donate them soon to a good cause.
  • As for the pre-cancerous cells on my cervix, my doctor thinks that she removed the lesion. I'm hoping so. I have yet to hear from her. They always say no news is good news. Still, I'm a little stressed over the situation.
Like I've mentioned before, just hang in there folks. My mood WILL get better (because the info. on my happy pills tells me so). LOL

Hopefully soon, I'll have some pictures from this summer to share with you in my photo collection. Hopefully.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phillip was interviewed...

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to pass this on to you. Phillip was interviewed by a reporter from a San Antonio newspaper. Here is the link:
Hope that everything is going well on your end.
I'll get to posting again soon; I'm just trying to find my head right now. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

This sucks!

I'm sorry guys. I'm trying to keep my chin up. It's just not easy.
I miss Lafayette. I miss being around family. I miss the help and daily moral support that I got there. It was a distraction.
Even though we're very busy with life over here, it's just not the same. I understand that we're all in the same boat (other wives of deployed soldiers) and it IS nice to have little snippets of things to look forward to (dinner with a friend, lunch with the group), but really it's just not the same as the excitement of life when Phillip is home.
I wake up in the morning and try to find the strength to get through the day. I run around in the evenings like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to meet the needs of everyone here. And I go to bed exhausted at night. It truly does suck!
I want my husband home!!! I miss that man; I miss talking to him about what's gone on in our day, and about life in general. I miss everything about him.
Now, don't get me wrong and don't drop me like a hot potato because I'm having a pity-party. I do find reasons to smile. I am blessed with two wonderful kids; I am blessed with a whole lot, actually. I guess the perfectionist in me wants everything to just be okay, so that I don't have to be so tired and lonely...and so that I can keep every aspect of life fun for the kids.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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