Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Local Antique Car Museum...a good way to pass time...

  ...especially when you don't really want time to pass.

Recently, we dropped Phillip off to where he had to meet the bus, that took him to the plane, that took him on the adventure, that he was scheduled to go on.

You'd think that with this being our 5th major separation (we count 4 months of additional training), that I'd be a Pro at this.  I'm not.  I think that the pain that I felt that day was the worst yet.

The last days leading up to the time to say goodbye are so hard.  You don't want them to go, yet you want them to go, because you're so sick of that black cloud looming over.  Phone calls telling you that the plane has been delayed are bittersweet.  Let's get this crap over with!

So, on the day that we said goodbye, we had lunch and then went to the Antique Car Museum to help pass the time.  I'd been curious.  And to tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting much.

I was wrong!  If ever you are in the area, it's worth the trip.

Below are some pictures that I took that day with my phone (I plan to go back with a better camera).  If you want to see more, I've added some pictures to the Alaska Bound album in our photo collection.  I only wish that you could hear the mood music that was playing in the background; it reminded me of Main Street USA at Disneyworld.

I LOVE this dress!
My favorite car.  It had a single seat in front, and a single seat in the back.  I'm sorry that I can't tell you what it is, though.

Hipstamatic image from iPhone.
Sarah (with an attitude).
A child's play dress.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Short to String you Along...Whales a Swimmin'

I'm posting a video for you today of a whale doing his thing off of the coast of Seward, AK.

 You'll have to listen carefully at the 16 second mark, but if you do, it's really cool to hear him.  
 (I've heard Gabe make the same noises while he plays with his Star Wars stuff.)
There were some porpoises playing with him too. 

We've been busy lately.  We are all getting ready to go off on different adventures.  

I'll have to start packing soon, and I'm not looking forward to that.  I'm excited about getting out of this area for a while but, I'm not excited about Phillip not being able to come with us. Que' Bummer!

May this post find you all Safe, Happy, and Healthy.  
I'll get back to writing as soon as I can.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mini Oreo Cupcakes out of the oven, and in my belly!

 On Monday, I made the Mini Oreo cupcakes that I posted about last week.  
They were super easy to make too!

I made a couple of changes on my own;
like using a chocolate fudge cake mix, for example.
Hmmmm, what else?  Let me think...
Sprinkles!  I added sprinkles to make them more visually pleasing.

And, with the extra batter, I made a small cake
(and added yellow cupcake icing that needed to be used).

With a glass of milk, they go down just fine!

I'm thinking of making a fruity desert next; maybe something with bananas.

Have a great week, everyone.   


Monday, June 13, 2011

Quote for the day...Budha

"The secret of health for mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a Sucker for a good Cupcake

Well, I've posted my Classic Movie list, and Daisy from 400 Wake-ups suggested in a comment that we read Wuthering Heights. I replied to her saying that she's definitely on to something!  After I complete my movie list (or maybe during), I'll start a Classic Novel list and tackle that too. 

She also said, "I think if we didn't have goals and lists, we would just sit in the dark and cry.".  I'm totally with her on that.

As I've mentioned before, the kids and I will be swinging on over to the East Coast en route to Louisiana soon.  I can't wait.  I've always wanted to see NYC, and I'm looking forward to visiting with a close, longtime friend there.  We'll also be in the Washington DC area to visit with more friends, and we'll get a chance to tour some of the Smithsonian, etc.

Traveling will be a nice time waster.  Traveling always recharges me. 

So, with that being said, while I'm back in Louisiana this summer, I plan to learn how to make some really good deserts.  I look at it as a part of my household contribution while staying with the in-laws.  When I was telling my husband about this, he chuckled and said that his dad would be more than happy to eat my mistakes or successes.  I need to make these deserts while I have someone else (more than just the kids) to help me eat them; because GAINING weight is not an option.

First up, from one of my favorite recipe sites:

Mini OREO Surprise Cupcakes recipe

I wish I had a picture to post with the recipe, but I don't.  So, you'll just have to imagine the chocolaty goodness, or just make them yourself.  Let me know if you do, okay?  Send me a picture, maybe?

Otherwise...Get ready, Pa-Paw!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shorts to String you Along...Dogs a Mushin'

This was taken a few weeks ago, while we were on the Riverboat Discovery Cruise here in Fairbanks with Phillip's parents.

One of the stops on the river cruise is at Susan Butcher's (Trail Breaker) kennels, where you're treated to some education about the dogs, and you get to see them run.  Also, at the end of the cruise, at the Native Village stop, you can meet someone from the kennel for a question and answer session about Susan, the Kennel, and the dogs, etc.

Her partner, Dave Monson, takes the engine out of the 4-wheeler, and beefs up the brakes.  At the command, the dogs are finally (because they are so eager!) allowed to do their thing.  So, please watch until the end, because those dogs can GO!

"I do not know the word 'quit.' Either I never did or I have abolished it."
   - Susan Butcher, Iditarod Winner, 1988

Here is another link to learn more about Susan.  Go...Here.

Have a great day, everyone...


Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Classic Movie List...

So, it's getting to be about that time again.


I'm a mixture of emotions right now, but to sum it up (this will be the fifth major separation for our family) in one word for what I really feel:  Anger. 

Seriously, this is getting a bit ridiculous.  

But I refuse to let that get in the way of taking care of myself and the kids, and making things normal and fun. 

I have plans.  We're going to travel.  I'll learn to crochet. 

I always have to have something to look forward to.  Always.  And there are lots of things to look forward to, Thank Goodness.  But, I need a goal besides the normal losing weight/toning up thing; something fun to accomplish.  So, I've made a list and attached it to "Janet's Lists".

I'm going to watch at least 20 classic movies. 

Wish me luck.

And if I've missed a "must see" movie on the list, then please, let me know.  Your opinion does matter.

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