About Us

Welcome to our world.

I really do hope you enjoy what I have here, because this blog is mainly my way of keeping friends and family who live far away from us, updated on our goings-on (putting images with faces, places, and situations etc). It's also my husband's way of keeping up with the rest of us when he's away.

Even if we don't know each other, I always welcome the opportunity to make new friends, so please take the time to comment on a post, and introduce yourself if you happen to stop by for a bit.

You will see all sorts of things on this blog: useful information, useless information, opinions, and generally, what it's like to live this not so ordinary military life.

Who are we? We're a family of four, and we call South Louisiana home because that's where our roots are. Right now, our mail goes to an address in Interior Alaska, but our hearts can be in many places at once; here in what is commonly referred to as the Frozen Tundra, at home in Louisiana, and sometimes, with our soldier overseas.

When you live this way of life, you take full advantage (at least, we try to) of the area in which you live, and see, do, and learn as much as you can.

Individually, we are strong and independent, yet feel truly alive when the four of us are together as a family.

"In wartime the rules change. You don't wait until tomorrow to do anything."

-Barbara Bush
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