Friday, April 30, 2010

Remember Two Things...

Remember Two Things is the title of an album from the Dave Mathews Band.
And we are HUGE fans.

I'm doing this one for your entertainment value, as well as a way for me to remember some recent events involving Little Miss Sarah.

  1. I did something for her; I don't remember what. And she looked at me and said (in her sweet little toddler way) "Thank you, Mom." She walked away and came right back (in an afterthought), and SHOOK MY HAND and said, "Very much", then nodded to confirm what she just did! I guess to get the full humor of it, you would have had to seen the look on her face...
  2. We always tell her that she's a mess. As in, "Girrrlllll, you're a handful". You know what I'm trying to say? Anyway, this morning, as her Daddy is trying to load her up into her car seat, so that we can run errands, she runs from him and yells "I'm a mess!". And laughs..
Children: They bring such JOY! And make us shake our heads with disbelief at what funny stuff they can come up with.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our litte birdhouse...

...which we had to build to complete in order to earn his Boy Scout Wolf badge.

(All achievements have been completed now....whoohoooo! I bought a kit at Walmart and secured the sides with tiny little nails. Ta Daaaaa!!!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU....

On Tuesday, April 20th, our little man turned a whopping 8 years old!

Sarah goes to a daycare nearby on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gabe thought I was coming to meet him for lunch at school, since I would have free time, but I decided that I would surprise him and check him out of school early so that he and I could spend time together (just the two of us). I took him to a movie (his choice, of course) and we did a little shopping...

Here he is, on the phone with his Daddy while he opens presents.

It seems like just yesterday, I was popping a couple of Tums every 20 minutes because of the awful heartburn that I had while I was pregnant for him.

Ahhh, where does the time go?

Monday, April 26, 2010

I had to get it...

I got this swimsuit for Sarah a couple of days ago. I just couldn't pass up on buying it for two reasons:
  1. I thought it was adorable, and it brings me back to the early 20th century, and....
  2. She wouldn't let me put it back on the rack!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A note to my husband...

In regards to the previous post and map of the route that we COULD take to Fairbanks:

Nope, nothing is decided yet. This is a team effort, and we will decide together.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Central Texas to Fairbanks route (maybe...most probably...I dunno. Ask my husband.)

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I'm posting this for a couple of reasons:
  1. To give a visual on what route we most probably will take to get up to Fairbanks; many have asked about it.
  2. To get my husband interested in stopping by a few places (since we'll be in the area).
We really haven't decided on a final route to take. We could take any number of routes to get up there. I mean, Las Vegas and Seattle are possibilities. So is the Grand Canyon. I'm reaching far on that last one.

All in all, it's about a 4200 mile trip that would take us about 9 days straight, of 8 hours a day, driving. But we really don't want to do that, because driving without long breaks to stretch our legs and rest our numb behinds, would be torture on all of us. And when would we ever be able to see some of these places again?

Here's a small rundown:
  • We first have to stop off in Dallas to bring my car to the port that will ship it up to us in AK. We'll make time to say goodbye to family in that area.
  • Then we stop off near Denver to spend some time with friends; it's a definite stop that's been planned for a while.
  • We could make a stop off in the Jackson Hole/Yellowstone National Park area.
  • We see that Montana doesn't have much to offer (that wouldn't take us too far off of the path). I had a doctor's appointment this morning and my doc said that Glacier National Park is really nice. He's the hunter/cowboy type and he got a little giddy telling me about how much he loves Wyoming and Montana.
  • Then we get to the Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta area. Edmonton has the largest shopping mall in North America with a water park and amusement park inside. WhooHoooooo!!!!!
  • We then head on through British Columbia and the Yukon territory along the ALCAN highway.
  • There's too many things to mention on what we could possibly see on the ALCAN (different mining towns, etc.)
  • And eventually, we reach Fairbanks.
Knowing us, we'll just start driving North and start and stop at will....go with the flow, take it as it comes. Stay tuned; because during the drive, I'm sure I'll have lots of cool things to talk about, and show you. I just hope that after all of that time in the car, any one member of our little family doesn't threaten to run-away.

Just a few more weeks here in Texas!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After we get to Alaska and get settled, it will be wayyyy time to ween her of the "noonie" habit!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boy Scout Camp-in

gGabe had a Boy Scout camp-in this weekend at Camp Arrowhead near Belton Lake.

Sarah and I went to get our Ikea fix in Round Rock, TX on Saturday, and then met up with Gabe and his friends for food and fire later that night. After being out there since Friday night, our little scout was a little sunburned, a little stinky, and a whole lot tired!

"This is where you poop".

"This is where we sleep." (in the white tent)

"This is my little sister, but you already know that."

And this is Mom, messing with the collage feature from Picassa again.

*An extra special thanks goes out to Mike and Allyn for letting Gabe tag along with them this weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Taken this past Easter weekend...

Gabe at my Mom's house.

Sarah, enjoying the hammock at Mom's house.
.Tubby, the puppy, enjoying the sun at Mom's house

Sarah, with a belly full of crawfish, at Pa-Paw and Ya-Ya's house.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Having fun at the lake...

Yesterday, we went back to Stillhouse Hollow Lake to get out of the house while a realtor showed it, to just kill time, and to get more sun and fresh air. We are now each a nice shade of sun-kissed.

The day before, we went to Dana Peak Park (just a couple of miles, at most, from our house), but yesterday, we decided to try out Stillhouse Park. Maybe next week, we'll explore a couple of parks at Belton Lake. It's about 20 minutes away.

Anyway, Gabe got the chance to fly a kite for the very first time yesterday. Check that off of the list of Things That Every Kid Should Do before he grows up.

"Mom. Rocks. Shoes."
(Mom, I have rocks in my shoes. Help.)

Can you see him?

On Tuesday, when we went to the lake, Gabe took of his shirt; so yesterday, Little Miss Sarah insisted on taking hers off too. Don't tell her Daddy...

They had fun for the longest time, just throwing rocks into the water.

Below is a video taken from yesterday. Enjoy.

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