Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update and Pictures as promised...

Here's a rundown:

  • Sarah now has 8 teeth. That's 8 teeth since Christmas. And everytime she cuts a tooth, she gets a horrible diaper rash. Poor Baby! Poor Momma!
  • Gabe lost the first of his top teeth a couple of weeks ago. His two bottom teeth are practically all filled in by now.
  • Gabe continues to amaze and inspire me with his awesomeness. He's really a great kid and great company.
  • We were sooooo sick for the week leading up to and during Spring Break. First, Gabe had sinus trouble, then me, then Sarah. She started vomiting the day before we were due to leave for Louisiana and a few days after that, I, in a fit of exhaustion, loaded up the car and headed for home. Then, the WHOLE HOUSE in Lafayette gets sick with a stomach bug...and I haven't been sick like that in years!
  • Spring Break kinda sucked because I was sooooo looking forward to having a break (without having to try to recover from illness), but oh well, I still got the chance to...
  • have lunch with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world; one of which is expecting a baby boy in July...
  • buy an awesome pair of Keen's shoes...
  • and take my son to New Orleans for a day.
  • Again, I'm thankful that Phil's parents were around to help us in a time of need. When I got back to Lafayette, I actually felt like a plane coming in with one wheel down and one wheel stuck in the crappy aircraft! I am, however, very sorry that we ALL got sick during that week.
  • On the way home to Texas, we stopped in Brenham to take pictures in the blue bonnets. And I sat on some "pickers", and almost had to call my friend Tiffany to come operate on me to get some out.
  • I'm happy to announce that we have right about 2 months before the guys come home, and we're so excited!!!
  • I'm on a small home improvement kick right now, because we have NO IDEA what the military has in store for us in the next year, and we really don't know if we are going to be selling and moving; to start off, I bought a tree for our front yard to replace the one that died mysteriously and shortly after 2 helicopter pilots wrapped Christmas lights around it's trunk. Next, I will hire someone to finish off our fence (we were lucky enough to have our surrounding neighbors put up fences, so all we have to do is finish ours off). I may get an estimate on putting a small waist high fence around an electrical box-thingie that we have in the far corner of our yard (then put some bushes or other decor in front of that).
  • This past Sunday, the weather was nice and I decided that we needed to go explore something. Ted Nugent has spoken of a Barbeque place in Waco that I wanted to go try out, but it's closed on weekends. I decided, while Gabe was in Religion class, that we'd go to Crawford, TX. I stopped at a gas station to get some "stuff" and asked if the Bush's were around for the weekend; the girl behind the counter said that she saw some Secret Service in the area, and so my answer was probably a yes. To make a long story short, we found the area of the ranch, and the small motorcade was practically a minute behind me going back into town. And like the stalker I am, I did an awesome little traffic move, and followed them into Waco! A picture is included down below for you.
  • Now, if I can just find out where Ted's house is...
I think that's about it for news on this end. I'll try to post again soon for ya!

Craig and Mary are gonna have a BABY!

Gabe is being shown how to stear a Kayak in The Backpacker, in Lafayette.

Blue bonnets in Brenham, TX.

If you click on this picture to make it larger, you'll see a black SUV in the center of the road. I'm assuming he does this to protect George from having anyone drive directly on the side of him, because the car on it's left has George and Laura in it. Laura was on the left hand side of the car that they were riding in. In order, was a state trooper, the Bush's SUV, a small black Secret Service car, and another state trooper behind them. This was about 2:30 on Sunday, and I assume again that they were headed toward Dallas.

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I love the bluebonnet pics.

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