Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Austin Star Map

I bought an Austin Star Map about a year or so ago, because I admit that I take guilty pleasure in stalking people. Nah! I kid you (kinda). But I am curious about certain things, and I know that Austin has it's fair share of celebrities that live in or visit the city quite a bit.

This past Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive (though it started out quite dreary), and so since we are leaving Texas soon, I figured that it was a great day to scratch this item off of my to-do list.

Here's what we saw (click on the picture to get a much larger view of it and click on the orange words for a link to see what's what):

This is Dixie Chick Natalie Maine's house. She literally lives in Robert Rodriquez's back yard. She's also ashamed to be from Texas, because "Dubya" is from here too.

The above couple of pictures are the home of movie director Robert Rodriquez, and it's landmark sign. He had the ugliest primer-black BMW in his driveway (just FYI).

This is the home of UT football head coach, Mack Brown. Someone in the house drives a really cool black Mercedes (again, just thought ya should know).

Remember when Matthew McConaughey got arrested in 1999 for playing the bongo drums naked in his front yard? Yep, this is the house.

And do you remember when Harry M. Whittington got shot in the face on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney? He lives here.

Tennis star Andy Roddick and Mr. Human Machine, Lance Armstrong, are supposed to live in this gated community off of Mt. Bonnell road.

Did you see Robert Rodriquez's film Grindhouse? The diner scenes were filmed here.

The frog scene in How to Eat Fried Worms was filmed here at the Austin Diner on Lamar Street.

And Renee Zellweger worked here at Sugar's Uptown Cabaret (as a waitress) while she was in college.

There's plenty more that we could have seen that day, but the kids were really starting to get bored and to think that I was just plain nuts, so we found lunch at this really cool mediterranean deli on Lamar Street (Sarah's, in fact), and then went on to the State of Texas museum so that we could stretch our legs.

But you can be assured that when I get more time, I'll go searching and picture snappin' again.


Team Manager said...

Very cool post. I love that you made the time to do this...with the kids, no less.

Margaret said...

Umm, thought we were going to do this together!? Glad you had a nice time...good pics.

The Lopez Four said...

I was looking for something to keep myself and the kids busy that day...wink.
There's still 2/3 left of the map to do yet.

Margaret said...

Just messing with you, J~ You are such a hoot. Call me tomorrow (Friday) when you have time, maybe we can meet at the park or something? Clark has been talking about Sarah alot lately.

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