Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alaska Bound: We are DONE!

Well, here we are...in Fairbanks, Alaska!!!

We got here a little after lunchtime (we stopped in North Pole, AK to eat), went straight on Post to see if we could get lodging there, but we couldn't, soooooo we're staying at the Holiday Inn for...I don't know how long.

Tomorrow, we go back to Post to sign into Fort Wainwright, and then sign into Housing to get onto the waiting list for housing. Phillip doesn't have to sign into his company until after he "in-processes".

So far, we like what we see. (There's a Barnes and Noble here, so I'm happy.)

As far as the drive....We're TOTALLY glad we did it, because we saw so many beautiful things and got a whole new perspective on the lay of the land, and life in general, but next time...I'm flyin' out! Two weeks in the car to ANYWHERE is just a little too long for me!

Thanks to all who've wished us well, and a safe journey.

We are safely...home.


jessicatodd said...

So glad you guys made it safely!

Margaret said...

So happy for you guys!

NesrstaFamily said...

Oh, how I love to read your blog! What an adventure! This will be great to read in the years to come, even though it must have been hard to keep it up while traveling. Thank you for all the posts and updates! It was wonderful to see the trip through your eyes. Glad you made it safe!!

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