Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shorts to String You Along...Episode 2

On the Friday that we came home from our trip down South, I picked Sarah up from daycare at about the same time that they were getting ready to play outside, so she was upset with me. When we got home, Phillip and I went outside to let her play, wait for Gabe to get home from school (he walks through the back yard to get to and from), and to shovel snow. Hours later, we'd made a snow hill out of the wooden picnic table that we have on the back deck. The kids had a blast!

It's times like this that make me really love, and appreciate Alaska for what it is.

You will witness my small act of defiance when Phillip tells me something...

(When I finally got back inside the house that night, my thighs were red and felt like leather...shoulda worn snow pants...just another example of how the cold can get to you without you even realizing it.)

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