Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The great snowfall of 2011!

We got over 18 inches of snowfall in 48 hours. I think they said that records have been broken.

My neighbor called me yesterday wanting to know if we had a snow blower, because she couldn't get out of her garage. She said that she's never experienced this in all of the time that she's lived in Alaska. Luckily, we have Phil's 4x4 to use for in travel in times like this. Because I'm afraid to try to get my car out of our garage.

I'm about to go outside and get busy with a snow shovel.

Phillip's flights have been canceled for today, because they can't get the aircraft out of the hangars. And he's on Craigslist as I type, looking for a used snow blower.

We have two shovels. I'm just sayin'.

Umm...scratch that. He just bought one, and I'm darn glad for it!


jessicatodd said...

I think you should show us just how deep it is by jumping in :)

PHILLIP said...

Best $300 I've ever spent!

NesrstaFamily said...

That is crazy sauce! I would be afraid to watch a scary movie with that wind blowing through the trees. I'm scared.

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