Monday, October 1, 2012

In brief...

Our little family is complete again!

Phillip has been flying the Army's LUH helicopter for a few months now, and seems to be enjoying it.  We are all so relieved to know that he is not going to be deployed for the next 3 years.  As always, we are looking to the future; we are really enjoying being back in Louisiana, next to family and we are exploring our options for whenever our time at Fort Polk is finished.

Gabe brought home a packet for the Gifted & Talented program a few weeks ago.  In the past, his teachers have expressed that he would be a good candidate for such a thing.  I think he will be tested soon.  He loves to read and has the most A.R. points in the 5th grade at his school.  He's making new friends at school, and in his new interest, football.  Over the summer, he matured quiet a bit mentally and physically.  He's now such a young man.  I watch him these days, and wonder where the time has gone; I'm getting a bit depressed that he's growing so fast. 

Sarah is our little "firecracker"!  She is a beautiful little girl (inside and out), and makes friends so easily.  She is definitely an extrovert.  These days, she looks forward to going to preschool everyday, and is still taking ballet classes.  I think that I might try to see if she'll like gymnastics, but then again, ballet is her thing...and it teaches the little m'am some poise and grace!

Gabe, going for the ball.

Sarah, and her friend, Rachael.

As for me, I thought that it might be possible to go back to work as a Certified Surgical Technologist at any one of the nearby hospitals, but I'm seeing that being a wife, Mom, and homemaker takes priority.  Managing the four of us (and a spoiled cat) is my full time job at the moment.

I'm feeling much better since I had my gallbladder removed.  Years of feeling sick and "toxic" are in the past.  My body is finally properly digesting food, and my liver is not backed up with the sludge that was present when the gallbladder was taken out.

As for the cervical cancer and hysterectomy to remove it, I'm healing well from that also.  I'll go for a check-up soon to make sure that I'm still in the clear.

While the kids are in school, I do what needs to be done to run our household, and then when I have time, I let my creative juices flow.  I've listed some of my projects on, and I hope that I can generate some interest soon...I'm kinda proud of my little accomplishments.  Visit the Etsy shop when you have time (the link is on this blog {to your right}), and visit my other blog as well:

As this week goes on, I will make sure that things on this blog are current; links, pictures, etc.

I'll try to write more often...


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