Friday, November 2, 2007

Getting Ready

We're in the process of putting Sarah's room together. I started this early because the holidays are coming, and soon thereafter, Sarah will be on her way. And I am the type of person that always has to be prepared.

I found the bassinet at Babies-R-Us and it fits perfectly in our room (Gabe was so eager to help me put it together), and her crib bedding was a steal on ebay. The armoire in the corner is a nice old piece from Phillip's family that we will strip and re-stain (was also used in Gabe's room), the crib was Gabe's, and the dresser/changer that Phillip is putting together is a gift from Dad and Elaine. The Peter Pan picture was also Gabe's and I plan to change the matting in it to make it more feminine; I'm thinking that I'll have the blue taken out and replace it with a Mocha color. As for the valance on the window, I think I want to change the curtain rod and put something sheer and floor-length. I guess you can say that the nursery will have a Shabby Chic theme to it. I am also looking for a good picture of the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville, LA to put up somewhere in her room (black & white or Sepia for the antique flair).

Any comments or opinions are welcome. Do you have any ideas on what else I should do for her room?

In case any of you were worried about my heartburn (I'm just joking), I got some Zantac yesterday for my heartburn and wow! I slept so much better last night. I didn't have to take my usual 2-3 a night dose of Tums! Now if I can just control my bladder issues...

Well, have a good day. I'm off to Austin today to pick up a dress for an upcoming wedding, and maybe I'll do a little shopping.

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Tracy Morris said...

Aw her room is beautiful!! You look great Janet...your belly really popped out, it's been awhile since I have seen ya!
Hope your having a good weekend!

NesrstaFamily said...

I had terrible heartburn too. Thank God for Tums and then Prilosec! That room is already lookin kickin. I love all your ideas. I can't wait to see the finished product. Hope you are feeling well.

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