Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey guys!

It was a crazy past couple of weeks.

In an earlier post, I mentioned how exhausted I was mentally and physically, and I think my Creator wanted to show me just how bad things could get with Sarah getting sick. And then, to make matters worse on the needing to rest thing, Phil's sister called that Monday after "the post" to ask if she could take Sarah for the week (she swears she did not see the post or talk to Phil's Mom, who I cried to the night before); well, she couldn't have Sarah for the week, because Sarah was so sick. I think Murphey's Law was definetly working on this situation!

Sarah is much better now. She is eating, drinking, and growing like a bad weed. She is even pulling herself into a standing position now! Still no sign of teeth yet...they've been in there since she was 3 months old, but they refuse to come out. My dental hygienist said that once they do decide to come out, they will come out all at once and I'll have some fun times!

I am so very thankful that Phillip's parents could come out to help when Sarah was sick. They truly are wonderful people. With their help, I was able to physically rest, get a little sick myself (ha, ha!), spend some time with friends, get my head on straight, and enjoy my anniversary gift from Phillip with no guilt or fuss with having to find a babysitter (I was treated to a day at the spa, etc.).

And I must give some credit to Gabe. He is such a great kid. He totally understood that I needed to meet Sarah's needs and that I was worn out. He helped whenever he could, and a lot of that help came from just being an all-around awesome little man.

Here's a few other things for ya:
  • Thanks to all that called to check on us while Sarah was sick. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern.
  • Sarah is "gumming" toast and french fries these days! If only she had teeth....she loves table food.
  • check out Pandora.com. It's an great little music site that I was told about yesterday. You can create your own "station" by typing in the name of your favorite artist.
  • I am still working on my photo collection. So, from time to time, visit it to see "new" pics of the Lopez Four.
  • We are getting excited about Phillip coming home soon for R&R. We also have some answers, though not concrete, on our future path with the Army. I'll give you details as we feel it is a safe time to give them. It does look like we will be staying here in Texas for a while, I'll give you that much.
  • We've decided to not do the combination Disney Cruise/World thing that we were planning on for our post-deployment celebration trip. We'll save the extra thousands and just spend more time in the Orlando area doing Disney World at a slower pace, and maybe check out Universal Studios and NASA, etc.
  • Because we will most probably be staying here in Texas (and will have what looks like a very busy summer), I think that it will be time for me to start looking at going back to work in the Fall of 2009. I'm anxious to get my hands bloody again.
  • You may not know this about me, but I am a STALKER! (tee hee hee, chuckle, chuckle) I bought a map of the sights in Austin. Check out http://www.austinstarmap.com/. For my local gals, if you ever wanna participate in a day of driving around and taking photos, just let me know.
I think that's all for now.
You guys take care, and I hope that you are all safe, happy and healthy.


Christie Groth said...

Glad you're all better over there. I can't imagine family coming to help. Gosh, you are so blessed...and a day at the spa??? Oh my gracious, I wouldn't even know what to do. hahaha
Anywho, you sound positive and that's wonderful!

Team Manager said...

Glad to hear things are going better for Miss Sarah...and you.

Debra said...

I am so glad you guys are feeling better! Oooh I bet that was soo nice to have a day at the spa!

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