Monday, February 23, 2009

A few days worth (Part One)

It seems that sometimes, time can just drag on and on, but last week was a busy and fast paced one for us.

On Thursday, Gabe and his friends at school had to dress up like their favorite book character. If you've never heard of Skippyjon Jones, I think you should check him out. We really enjoy reading books about him. He's a little Siamese kitten who thinks he's a chihuahua, and little Skippyjon is always getting himself into some sort of trouble or imaginative adventure. He's one Friskito Bandito, Dude! Below, you'll see our little Skippyjon.

That night, after I gave Sarah a bath, I noticed that her hair was especially curly (maybe it was the weather?). I do hope that she inherits the trait from just about everyone in her family. My Mom has lots of body to her hair, and so do I. Phillip's side of the family practically have ringlets. I want her hair to grow quickly so we can have fun with it!

On Friday morning, I was in the process of waking Gabe when the phone rang at about 6:20. Phil's Mom was calling to tell me that they had left their house and were on their way to Texas. On Friday night, we finally had the Pinewood Derby that we had been preparing for, and it just so happened that the trip that Manuel and Zella had previously planned included a chance to see it.

How do you like my $60 comforter from the recently out of business Linen's and Things? Together with the double sheet set, my whole bed cost a whopping $100!

Now WHO could be calling at this hour?!

As I mentioned in my post title, I'll have a series of things for you to check out this week. Come by again soon to see pics of the PW Derby.

And I do hope that everyone has a great week!



Team Manager said...

I think we've had this conversation before but, your bed is a double? I can totally picture a king size bed in there.

BTW, love Sarah's curls.

Jamie said...

OOOOHHHH, we LOVE SkippyJon. He is the absolute coolest bandito!

NesrstaFamily said...

Luke had a book parade on Halloween. I think they are super fun and Gabe looks adorable. My sister-in-law read that book to the kids one day and I fell in love with it as well. Good choice!

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