Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh, My!

Gabe came home one Wednesday afternoon and told us that he was running in the schoolyard for recess, landed wrong on his ankle and heard a small "pop!". The school nurse checked him out, and said that he should be okay. He was able to walk on it that afternoon, and so we went on ahead with a planned ice-skating trip. By the time we got to the arena, we learned that we couldn't skate because the local semi-pro hockey team was holding practice and try-outs (turned out to be a good thing!). Later on that night, Gabe started to complain about pain in his ankle, and so we looked at it, looked at each other and said "Hmmmph! Not good.".

By the next morning, it was really swollen, hot to the touch, and red. To the E.R. we went, he and I. And a few hours later, we left the hospital with a splint covering a small evulsion fracture.

The good news is that he only had to be splinted for a week. He really hated those crutches! The Ortho doc told us that had he been an adult, she would have casted him, but since kids are so resilient, she was confident that his fracture was small enough to heal nicely on it's own, and actually wanted him to exercise that ankle.

Poor Baby!

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Team Manager said...

Poor guy. I'm glad it was a quick fix though. How's it doing now?

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