Monday, April 18, 2011

Maybe I CAN scratch "Petit Fours" off of my list...

I've always loved the sight of lovely little Petit Fours at bakeries etc.,  because they look so dainty and delicious!

Some time ago, while searching for recipes on how to make my own, I came across the idea (I wish I could give credit where credit is due) to take squares of brownies, a little cupcake icing, and those cute little sugar toppings that you can find near the cake decorations in the grocery store, to make an attractive looking desert like the one above.  Last Friday, while stocking up on groceries at Sam's, I found a bulk pack of mini muffin brownies, and what you see here is what resulted.  If you think about it, the combinations are endless!

The idea that I saw in the past was a square brownie, with a beautiful purple flower sitting in the center.

I think I may even try doing something with sugar cookies in the near future.  I just love the fact that now, when bake sales etc, come up (or baby showers...), I'll have something quick, fun, and simple to make to contribute.

I also came up with this recipe just now:
Mother's Day Petit Fours

If you decide to have fun with this, I'd really like for you to email a picture of your creation to me at when you get the chance to.  Like I said, there are many different creative possibilities.

Bon appetit, mes amis!


PS.  I think that maybe I do need to add taking a photography class onto the list, because I'm a pathological picture taker and sometimes, relying on Picasa for editing help just isn't enough.  Those are sugar ducks sitting on top of the brownies, ya'll.

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April said...

janet --

thanks for joining in with the military monday bloghop this week! i hope you'll be back next week, as well!

i used to work in a coffee shop and we had petit fours - oh my how i loved them <3 so delicious with all their fondant goodness! your idea is simple and easy enough for me to totally pull off!! i am no baker LOL


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