Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a beautiful, lovely mess we have here.

The backyard.
Another view of the backyard.
The dark area in the middle of this picture is actually a lake of melted snow.

The neighbor's house.  Maybe one of these days, I should introduce myself.  On dark evenings (or mornings), I sometimes forget to close the bathroom blinds, and one of these days, they might get a "show".

The front yard, and bird bath.
The slushy, funky driveway where I got stuck a few weeks ago.

So, at this time of year, people around here rise from the dark, cold of winter and REALLY enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  I have yet to hear though, of people celebrating the actual "ick" of snow melting, mud puddles, etc.

These pictures were taken last week from my upstairs windows; you can see my reflection in the window if you look carefully at some of the pics.

Hey, I am no photographer. I just like taking pictures.  There is a difference.  

Today, there is barely any snow left in the yard.   

Maybe I should take more pictures.

After having to drive carefully (slowly, with great caution) on the roads of Winter, everyone realizes that they can drive like teenagers again (tsk, tsk), and traveling around is actually quite fun...and quick.

Living out here is like living on a whole other planet.  I'm not the only one that will tell you this.  The sun goes down later and later, and it gets dark around 11 pm now.  It will continue to get worse.  I say that (because I don't like the continual daylight) to people around here and they give me strange looks.  Seriously, it can freak a girl out when she wakes at 2:30 am to use the bathroom, and it's light outside.  I'm always on a lookout for moose at that time of night, like maybe they find it safer to come into the yard when we're supposed to be sleeping.

I mention to people that I'm leaving for a while this summer, and I tend to get the comment "But, you're leaving at the best time!".  Summer is valuable here. The beauty of it is....WOW!

As for me, I'm going to the Lower 48, where there is proper night and day.  More on that later...



Lacey said...

I also hate it when the snow melts. I wish I could just skip that transition period. Everything is just slushy, the left over snow is brown and dirty looking. Its just depressing. Its been in the 60's here for well over a week at least and we STILL have huge snow piles in some places. We also have a bunch of flooding on the highways.

I love it in the summer when the sun stays out longer... not all days, but some days I like it. The kids can play outside longer which is nice. BUT they wake up when the sun wakes up (not as early as your sun rise). And when they need to go to bed early they always say "The sun isn't sleeping yet."

Lacey @

NesrstaFamily said...

Well, I happen to loooove your pictures! And, I don't blame you, I would head over to the lower 48 also. I bet you are missin' your family like crazy and I know they are missin' you.

P.S. I just spent the last two nights going pee without any light at all. Wanna change for a few days?! LOL

Team Manager said...

I know you're gonna have a great time in the lower 48 and am so happy you'll get that time with friends and family. There's always next summer to take in the beauty of Alaska, right?

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