Monday, December 3, 2007

I hope you had a good weekend...

We had a pretty laid back kind of weekend over here.

Phillip had the day off on Friday, and so he and I took the opportunity to do ALL of our Christmas shopping from start to finish while Gabe was in school. With proper planning, we had all of it done in two hours! We even had time to hit up a store we hadn't tried yet for a Wii, and totally lucked out; someone had been in the store just 15 minutes earlier to sell his (he needed the money) and we were able to snag it up before anyone else did. Phillip was giddy all day, because he's been looking for over a month....NO ONE in the area keeps them in stock for more than a couple of hours and he really wanted one for Christmas. We also had time to see Beowulf, the movie, before picking Gabe up from the bus stop.

We were supposed to go to Salado, TX this weekend to get our Christmas tree, but it rained all day on Saturday. The weather was so nasty out here that it was a perfect day for another movie. We went on to the nearby town of Copperas Cove to see Enchanted at the Cove Theater. I think everyone enjoyed the movie; Gabe thought it was a little "girly", but he still had fun. We like going to Cove Theater. As soon as you find your seats, a staff member (dressed in some sort of silly costume) takes your snack order; a short skit is performed before the movie begins and then...Showtime! After bringing Gabe to get a much needed haircut, we went home and lounged around for the rest of the day.

Phillip caught the allergies/cold/lung funk that I had during Thanksgiving and all last week, and so yesterday after church, Gabe and I watched Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel, played with play-doh and then hopped onto the computer to play some of our favorite games while Phillip took a nap. I really like playing these games with him, because it gives me a chance to see what he's been learning in school; I can also teach him a few things myself and we are both spending quality time together. (some of these sites are not really meant for teaching and learning, but they're still fun!)

Here are our favorite sites:
1. Noggin
2. Cartoon Network
3. Hasbro
4. Hotwheels
5. Kindersite (my absolute favorite)

We finished off our weekend by going on over to a friend's house (Beth and Abe) to celebrate another friend's birthday (Randy). Luckily, Beth let Phillip stay inside the house with all the other healthy people....

Oh, and if you want the recipe for some killer cupcakes, go to Beth's name on the right side of this page and go to her link for "Best cupcakes ever". They really are the best cupcakes ever!


Team Manager said...

I'm glad you all had a laid back weekend. It was good seeing you guys last night. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks those are the best cupcakes ever!

Since you mentioned kid-friendly websites, I'll add a couple more in case you haven't checked them and

Kathy said...

Heather's birthday is on Saturday and I was excited to check out Beth's cupcake recipe.... only to find that they are the same as my mom always made for my birthday (and I now make too). So, I will agree that they are the best cupcakes ever!!

NesrstaFamily said...

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