Monday, December 31, 2007

...and a New Year begins.

I've always had mixed feelings about New Years. As for New Year's Eve, I'd rather be sleeping when the ball drops and I think that has to do with the beginning of 1987 when as a naive 12 year old, I heard that Nostradamus predicted the world's end for that year; I was terrified to no end. I always get kinda "weirded out" about this time of year since then. Yet, the New Year for me is like getting a new notebook...the possibilities are endless on what you can fill it up with. As time goes by, I try hard to change my negative attitude toward the holidays; my old life is past me, and I treasure my new life with my wonderful husband and my little man-child. But for tonight, you can bet that I'll NOT be awake at midnight!

I am the type of person that always has to have something to look forward to, and I must always be prepared for what may happen. Right now, I'm busy with making sure that Sarah will have what she needs to begin her new life. I ordered her car seat/stroller system this morning and I will soon wash and put away her wardrobe, since now it's safe to say she's still a girl. Sarah got lots of presents for Christmas, so that helps me a lot with the whole what-does-she-need (or what do I want) what-is-left-to-buy thing. I'm also packing hospital/babysitter bags for myself, Phillip and Gabe in case we're caught off guard when she finally does decide to make her appearance. If any of you have any suggestions so I don't forget to pack anything, please send them my way. (I realize that I may be preparing a bit too soon, but Gabe made an early arrival...Sarah may do the same.)

This year will bring plenty of new changes for us, and I have some plans for the year as well. Here's a list:
  • Sarah is due to arrive soon. (+)
  • This is NOT a resolution, because we all know how those go, but I do plan on dropping some much un-wanted pounds (+).
  • Gabe will play soccer in the spring. (+)
  • Phillip will be deployed again during the summer. (-)
  • At least a couple of my/our really close friends will be moving away, or going with Phillip on that deployment. (-)
  • To help ease the "blow" of the above mentioned deployment, I plan to take the kids to Louisiana for at least a month during the summer to spend time with family and explore the area (Gabe LOVES exploring...we looked forward to each weekend excursion while Dad was away the first time) and end that trip with the traditional end-of-summer Gulf Shores trip with Phil's parents. (+)
  • We might get to find out towards the end of 2008 if we stay here or move to another post when he comes home. I LOVE Texas, but I'm ready to explore a new area. (+)
  • I can also get to work on planning our next family vacation, which is more of an after-deployment celebration. I'm pretty sure it will be Disney again, which is OK by me! (+)
  • I don't plan to return to work until after Phillip comes home, so travel back home to see family will be much easier for me...though it's always nice to be re-assured that the road goes both ways!
I'm sure as time goes on, I will be able to add to this list. I admit that I am scared, but excited at the same time, of what the year will bring and how I will handle it. But as before, with God's help, and the fortune of having good friends and family...we will be just fine!

Happy New Year, Ya'll!


Kathy said...

Can we request a post closer to the DC area? We'd love to play!
Happy New Year!

NesrstaFamily said...

Man, that crazy psychic gets me too. I don't blame ya for being a little scared. I love your New Year list. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to.

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