Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh, My!!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like the walls of my house were caving in on me. I needed to get out of town and see something different, so Gabe suggested that we go to Austin. After googling things in Austin that we haven't done yet, I found the Zoo. And I'm glad that we went.

It's a sanctuary, actually. Some of the cages had little bios on each animal, which was really interesting. For example, a buzzard named "Knees" actually looked like he walks on his knees. All the animals seemed to be in good spirits because the weather was not so hot. The tigers were playing in the water, the Lions were basking in the sun, and the Bears were being lazy bears. Gabe got molested by a couple of goats in the petting zoo, but he handled it well. Needless to say, he'd had enough of feeding the animals.

Also on yesterday's agenda: Lunch at P.F. Changs, the Bob Bullock Museum, an Imax movie on the Grand Canyon and the disappearing Colorado River (with music by Dave Matthews Band!), and quality time with friends at J.K.'s house!

Here's another video (enjoy):


Team Manager said...

Sounds like you squeezed alot into one day. Glad you got away.

JennK said...

Wonderwoman!!!! (I'm hearing the theme song from it right now)

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