Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extended Vacations...


It's official.

Phillip will be soon leaving on another extended overseas "vacation".

This life is one Heck of a roller coaster ride. I cried my eyes out all weekend. I knew that there was a high chance of getting the news; the rumors had been floating around for a while. But, it still stings when you get the call saying that there is a meeting planned for a "possible" family separation.

"Possible"? Oh, PLEASE!!! Let's just tell the truth. Oh wait! You don't have all of the answers yet?! You mean...?

There are so many things that go through your mind when you're facing such things. For me, I worry most about my children.

So, as I work myself through the daze and confusion, I will look into an extended vacation of our own to help make the time go faster. Travel is always a battery re-charger for me. The kids and I need to have something positive to look forward to. And spending time back home in Louisiana is definitely in the plans for a good part of the summer.

I think that to make things even more fun, I'll look into flying out to the East coast to see a few friends there before we make our way out to Lafayette (and then on to Gulf Shores for the annual end of summer beach trip for the grand-kids). There's so much that we can see and do! I may be able to mark off seeing the Smithsonian (or part of it) from the Bucket List.

Or maybe, I'll fly us out to Central Texas to see friends and family (and our old house) there, and then drive us the rest of the way into South Louisiana.

Anyone out there have any other ideas for a fun side trip?

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Team Manager said...

Does Korea count as a "side trip" 'cause I got the fun covered.

Sorry about the impending "vacation". I'm glad you're already finding ways to occupy your time.

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