Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shorts to String You Along...Episode 3

I'll keep this one short, because I don't want to totally embarrass a certain little boy that I know.

We can all laugh about it now, including him, but at the time IT WAS NOT FUNNY!

Sometime in the middle of last December, he was walking on the backyard path on his way home from school. I thought that he was singing his "moose song" really loud. It turns out that he was screaming for me. When he got closer, I saw the fear and pain on his face. And then, I saw the blood and freaked out.

Moments of crying and soothing follow. And then he says (the best that he could, with a lisp)...

"I sthuck ma tongue to a fwozen pole to sthee if it's twue! It is! Damn YOU, Cwistmas Sthory!".

Another childhood lesson learned.

(Oh, and if you decide that you want to try it, all you have to do to get your tongue to heal quickly is to saltwater rinse for a few days. Good as new.)


NesrstaFamily said...

Bwahahaha...oh my goodness! I laughed for a good 5 minutes on this one, and not because I am making fun, but more because I pictured my son doing this and I couldn't help myself. Poor sweetie! I am glad he healed quickly. Sweet boy!

Team Manager said...

Sometimes the only way to learn is by doing. Glad it healed up quickly. PS- My brother did the same thing but was much older than Gabe at the time and should have known better, LOL.

Conni said...

Oh no! the poor little guy! I hope you taught him the "drool" trick. All you have to do to unstick your tongue, is drool on it. The moisture will release you.

(I learned this in 1st grade, growing up in Wisconsin, LOL)

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yep, it looks like we are practically neighbors :-)

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