Friday, March 25, 2011

This is a small reminder that life is precious... go hug someone.

This morning, I dropped Sarah off at daycare. I noticed that the Director was not in her office, and there were signs up saying that she would be out until further notice.

I saw her this past Monday. She was her usual smiling self (I like stopping in, and saying "hi"; she's just got one of those personalities). And about an hour and a half after that, her life changed drastically.

Her 23 year old son was killed that afternoon, along with a friend of his, when the car he was in took a slide on the slick and icy roads near my house.

I couldn't imagine having to bury a child.

I could not imagine going about my day, not knowing what is happening to my loved one until I get that call.

My thoughts and prayers are definitely with her right now...


Jennifer Bowen said...

Thank you for the reminder, Janet. Sometimes we just have to pause and enjoy the moment with our loved ones. Life is too short. We cannot be too occupied with the insignificant things.

We will keep your daycare Director and her family in our prayers. There is nothing worse than losing a child.

Team Manager said...

I hate to hear this tragic news. Burying a child is definitely my top fear. I will give my boys an extra squeeze tonight, for sure.

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