Friday, May 13, 2011

The Ultimate Female...

I came across a website today: The Ultimate Female

I was perusing through (because 2 of my friends have me hooked on it), and someone had included a quote with a link to TUF.  If you have time, go and have a look.  Check out her older posts.  The person who runs this site (whoever she may be, she's got awesome style) includes posts that contain words of inspiration, and remind a woman that she doesn't have to be a Size 2 to be beautiful.

I need to remind myself that, no matter what, I'll never have a teenager's body again; I can try to stay fit and active, try to tone down a bit, but I don't have to strive to be THIN.  I can develop my own style, and OWN it.  I want to be like Adele, and not give a damn about what I look like, as long as I know that I do other things well; and sing well, she does.

With practice, I'll get there.

I've included TUF in my blogroll.   When and if you ever get a chance, go to some of those pages; click on the little "buttons" to the side of the blogroll (Goodnight Moon, for example) and visit the links to websites that I like to waste time on. You'll find women, and one man (who writes incredibly well and sums up military spouse life better than I can), with pretty interesting stories.  You'll find an Army widow, a new mom, words on growing up military out the mouths of babes, a plane crash survivor, Hurley from the t.v. show "Lost", photographers with amazing talent, a spouse that I'm especially praying for because being a military spouse recently got to be too much to handle, and a woman who just got tired of the way things were and decided to just GO (Female Nomad) and had the personal strength to DO IT.

We are all unique.  We all have a story to tell.  That's what makes life so fascinating!


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