Monday, July 4, 2011

Well, we've been so busy that...

...we've not had the chance to think much about the fact that Phillip has been deployed.

We've said our "Good-bye" and "See you later" to both Phillip and Alaska.  And tonight, the kids and I are so tired, that I'm typing from our hotel room in Arlington, VA while Gabe peeks out of the room window periodically for the start of the July 4th fireworks. 

Last week, we were in the Jersey City/NYC area, and had a really good time visiting with Jessica, an old friend and co-worker.  On the first day that we were there, Sarah woke up extremely sick (couldn't even keep water down for more than 5 minutes), so that put a huge damper on plans to spend the entire day in NYC, but by the afternoon, she was thankfully well enough to eat soup, etc, and swim for a while in Jessica's pool.  While we were visiting Jessica, we got the chance to spend time on the Jersey Shore, and go into NYC to see some of the sights there.

It was so good to see Jessica; to finally see for myself, and put images to names and places that she's talked about over the years.  And, I had no idea how crazy Times Square could be on a Friday night!

We left Jessica's house via Amtrak and arrived at Union Station here in Washington DC on Saturday.  Yesterday, we spent over 5 hours in the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, and about 2 hours in the Air & Space Museum.  Today, we spent time with a dear friend (Kristen) at her house below Arlington, and tomorrow, we plan to finish what we started last night, plus more.

This area is crazy, busy with people right now.  The metro was filled with people going into the city for the fireworks.  And I didn't much envy them.  Better you fight the crowd, than me.  Did I mention that I'm tired?

As soon as I can, I will put pictures up in the photo collection.

Goodnight, Ya'll!



PHILLIP said...

Glad ya'll are having fun. Can't wait to experience NYC/DC with you someday. Enjoy Lafayette and Gulf Shores and before you know it I'll be home.

Love you,


400 Wakeups said...

Oh your husband's comment brought tears to my eyes. Neal rarely comments on my blog although I know he reads. It's just nice when they comment, isn't it?

Having spent the entire summer in my native Lexington and longing to return to GA, I can appreciate loving where you are and wishing you were somewhere else. While central GA is not exactly my favorite spot, being so close to the beach has been great for us and I am actually looking very forward to returning to Macon in a couple of weeks. I went back for a long weekend and to help throw a baby shower for a friend on base and realized how comforting it was to be around the wives of the unit - all of these women going through the same thing I was. That was something I missed entirely the first 2 deployments because Neal was cross-leveled into units that were geographically far from us. So, yes, it's good to be home. And when the time is right, it's good to return to your "other" home, too. And when the time comes, it will be nice to leave GA and see what Ft. Lee/D.C. has to offer! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

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