Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, like I said...

Our cat, Pichou (the one with the blue flower on her collar), looks quite content in our her new surroundings.  

While I'm happy that she seems to be enjoying herself, and has made a new friend in Max, I'm worried that she may be a bit lonely without his companionship when we bring her back home after our vacation.  I also hear that the children of her temporary home are getting quite attached to her.

Any cat experts out there wanna share your thoughts on this?  Really.  Comment.  I want/need your advice on this.  

With that being said, I see that at least 34 people have an interest in my blog (followers, etc.).  Thanks!  It means a lot to me.  It really does. 

And, after vacation, when I have access to a real computer (not this teeny, tiny little laptop), I will do some major catching up on everyone else's blogs. 

Because, I really do enjoy reading about what everyone else is up to.  The creativity that flows through the blogosphere inspires me.

Have a good day, Y'all! 


1 comment:

400 Wakeups said...

Well, I have 2 cats so whenever I go on vacation, they manage to keep themselves company. But cats are pretty resilient. Maybe after you're back a bit, you can take Pichou over for play dates with Maxx? Unless it's far. I wish my cats got along with other cats but they're quite anti-social.

And don't worry about "catching up." I always have "everyone is reading me and I'm not reading them" guilt when I'm gone for awhile, but now I have a Feejit tracker so I can see when people come over. ;) I love comments, but I know how life gets crazy and sometimes the best thing you can do is clear your google reader and start all over again. ;)

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