Thursday, January 3, 2008

Exciting Update!!!

No, not exciting at all....just didn't know what to title this post.

Actually, since Sunday, life over here has been very relaxing and maybe a bit boring. On New Year's Eve, we spent half of the day in our p.j.'s, I had a glass of wine before bed and just as I told ya...I was in bed and asleep before midnight. On New Year's day, we spent ALL day in our p.j.'s, took down our Christmas decor (now the house looks empty), made the traditional NYD meal of roast, smothered cabbage and black-eyed peas and then we took our showers and put on fresh pajamas. Nice! I like days like that.

Yesterday, Phillip and I went to another OB/Gyn appointment and I was so very excited to see that after about two weeks of not walking everyday and not watching my diet, I only gained about 6 oz. of weight!!! (For those of you really close to me, you know that my weight gain since Gabe was born has always been a touchy subject with me). So I pat myself on the back for staying under the 15-16 lb. mark so far in the pregnancy. My doctor did prescribe a different inhaler for me since it is still difficult for me to breathe at times. I've never been diagnosed with asthma, yet I get these attacks of not being able to breathe, my heart rate goes up and I start to panic...I have a phobia of suffocating to death. Last night, it happened again. Today, I go pick up my prescription! He did mention that Sarah is pushing my lungs up to my shoulders, but we're both thinking that maybe I'm getting pregnancy induced asthma...or something like that.

I have to mention this one last thing. We won't tell Gabe that I told you, but I think it's the cutest thing, so I'll say it anyway. For weeks now, he's mentioned this girl at school, Emma. I've seen a picture of her and she's a cutie. She's in another kindergarten class, so he likes to "spy" on her at recess. Well, last night he was bouncing around, almost happy about going back to school today so that he could continue to spy on Emma. From what he says, she scares the boys away and wants nothing to do with playing with them. Once, he even had one of his female friends invite her to play a game with them because he was too intimidated to do it. I would love to be able to observe them at recess. I'm very curious to see how he acts around her. I think this may be his first serious crush and as his mom, I must admit that I'm a bit crushed myself (for other reasons).


Team Manager said...

I love lazy days in pj's. Glad you all have had some time to relax.

Gabe's little crush sounds so cute. If only we could be a fly on the wall while they are at school. Curious Moms want to know ;)

NesrstaFamily said...

Oh, I remember the last days of pregnancy where you feel like you can't breathe. Oh wait, I feel like that now!

I loved your little story about Gabe. I still remember him at the holiday party telling some kid, "Hey, come here dude!" I was rolling with laughter. That kid has spunk and I like it.

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