Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Morning

The Easter Bunny, in his recent absent-mindedness, forgot a bag at Target that he purchased on Friday, so he had to run back over at about 9:30 on Saturday night. All's well that ends well, though. Gabe and Sarah were both happy with their baskets. Of course, little Sarah got toys and clothes instead of the usual chocolates.

Other Lopez news you might find interesting (or boring, whatever):
  • Phillip and I are exploring other getaway options besides Vegas. We are going to talk it over with his parents on how long they are willing to put up with the kiddos and take it from there. We've found some great deals and Vegas is a still an option but not the most economical.
  • I'm 7 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight!
  • Sarah is doing so much better. She's waking up happy and drifting off to sleep without much effort on our parts to put her there. She is on a different formula than I mentioned before; though we still give her a bit of the old one to sometimes put something more on her stomach (I've found she favors the newer formula a bit more than the rice mixture, but sleeps an hour or so more on the rice stuff). I bet ya that she weighs about 10-11 lbs by now!
  • Gabe has just a few more weekends of soccer at most for this spring.
  • Phillip had to work for Easter but we were still able to attend mass with him and then have a nice lunch at a chow hall (his job for the day required that he inspect it, so we ate there with him). Gabe loved that experience!
  • We are about to schedule Gabe's 6th birthday party. Looks like it will be at the gymnastics place that we had the 4th and 5th parties at. He loves that place!
I think that's about it for now. Have a good week, Ya'll!


Team Manager said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

I can't wait to hear about the trip you get to take. I will live vicariously through you.

NesrstaFamily said...

I love your updates. You are just so darn good at them! It was great seeing you and the little tot the other night. I have missed you. We need to get together soon. I need a J-Lo fix!

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