Saturday, October 4, 2008

Maybe it's Time to Babyproof

It's probably time to think about babyproofing. I was getting the kids ready for baths last night and Sarah got quiet. And you know what that means! I went to look for her and caught her digging into my sock drawer. I have a video of it down below.

On September 2nd, she turned a whopping 8 months old. Phillip was able to see her pull herself into a sitting position (which she'd only done once on the day before) and take a few crawling steps (she usually just scoots; hence the nickname, Scooter). By scooting, the girl can really get around! Now, I'm sure she'll be a bonafide crawler in just a few short days. As for Phillip witnessing these events, I'm so glad that he was able to see via webcam some of her "firsts".

And this picture (below) was taken this morning.

I will try to get some exclusive video of Gabe for you. But really, all he likes to do is play Flight Sim or Wii...not very interesting, I know. I'll maybe "interview" him on his likes and dislikes. That should be some pure entertainment.

PS. I just realized, while I was on the phone with Phil's mom, that I made a mistake above. We're in October now! So Sarah just made 8 months on OCTOBER 2nd. Hmmmm! Silly me.


Linda said...

She's GOT ta be the cutest thing Janet! I love her arm and leg folds...just precious...


I wrote to Phil yesterday; was telling him about the storm, then stopped and said "Bet you would much rather be coping with a storm than doing what you're doing!"

Here is his reply:

Oct 4, 2008 7:41 AM
Hi Linda...I completely understand how busy you are. But your wrong, I'd rather be doing this than have to take care of the aftermath of a hurricane. I remember having to deal with Andrew when Sis came over to help take care of Momo while I cleaned up the damages. I'd rather be shot at any day..Haha.

LOVE THAT PHIL! That must be the crazy A-Bear coming out in him!

Love you Baby Bird!

jessicatodd said...

She is such a cutie pie! I feel ya on the baby proofing! O is everywhere too! Let the fun time begin!

Debra said...

Gosh I cant believe that sweet baby is already 8 mos and getting into everything already! Man how the time flies! She is such a pretty baby girl cant wait to get my hands on her:)

Jennifer Bowen said...

She is just adorable...and very curious! LOL In a few more years, she'll be in your closet wearing your clothes and shoes. ;)

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