Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch Out! It may be coming your way....AGAIN!

Just an FYI for my local girls:
Sarah has not kept anything down or up (poops) since yesterday. She started out on Friday with not wanting to eat very much, vomited on Saturday, had a terribly fussy day on Sunday and it got worse yesterday afternoon (after she smiled and cooed at her pediatrician).

I took her to the doc yesterday to rule out an ear infection and he said that all day, he'd seen children with Sarah's symptoms. So watch out, that nasty bug is back and this time it seems like he's pissed!

Hope it doesn't get any worse; I hope Gabe doesn't get it.
And I hope that everyone else stays healthy as well.



Jennifer Bowen said...

Oh, no! I hope Sarah feels better soon. She must have gotten the bug from the Fall Fest! LOL Did Gabe have fun? What about you?

It was really nice chattin' with you Friday. I'll send you the pics I took as soon as I get the time to process them.

Take care! :)

Christie Groth said...

You poor gal....and I do mean you! You really need a break. I hope she gets better soon and you and Gabe escape the wrath.
More prayers your way...

JennK said...

Yeah what Christie said....and I hope we dont' get it either! Hugs

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