Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Berry Farm!

We went to the Sweet Berry Farm near Marble Falls, TX yesterday to celebrate our little friend's birthday. All in all, we had a great time. Here's some pics for you to enjoy.

Oh, and the delicious looking cake above was made by our friend, Heather. That woman can bake a cake and make it all prettied up too!!!

Our gift to Zane.

Gabe painted his pumpkin to look like Sarah!

I like that we are getting well into the fall season around here; it gives me hope and proof that time does go by. I've been in a good mood lately, but at times, I still want to scream that this deployment truly does suck!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! J~


Team Manager said...

ok...the group shot at the picnic table is hilarious...I look like I'm half in the bag but check out Jenn K...she cracks me up

Glad you all could make the drive down to celebrate Zane's big day. We really enjoyed seeing you.

JennK said...

I'm ssoooooooo glad I'm shoving a hot dog into my mouth. At least Beth was probably the only one to notice (or I'm hoping so!). Love the kids!!!!

Thanks for blogging!

Christie Groth said...

We did have a fun day...but JennK, everyone noticed the "dog incident"! hahaha She cracks me up so badly! hahahaha

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