Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And now, we come to an end.

Gabe requested that we take pictures of oil rigs out in the Gulf for him. So while I was getting ready for dinner on Friday night, I saw through our cabin window that there were some out there. Phillip ran up to another deck to take some shots for him.

Sunset at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

People up above us watching as we enter the mouth of the river. It was around 7:30 in the evening when we got to that point.

I was surprised that it took close to 8 hours to make it from the Port of New Orleans to the mouth when we embarked. I'm not really sure how long it took for us to get back to the port that night. Let me tell you, those bends and curves in the river will definetly give you a pair of sea legs!


I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Oh, and good news...Sarah started sleeping through the night while we were gone! Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!


NesrstaFamily said...

I absolutley love that last one of you guys together. Y'all look awesome!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

these were all fab pics!

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