Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're Home!

We just got in. Did you miss me? Us?

We had a very nice time. I'll post a few pics later.

Remember when you were in school and you had a huge project to finish for the "A" grade that you wanted, but you were too overwhelmed with life and other studies to really concentrate on what you had to do to finish it? Well, sometimes it helped me to get away from that project for a while...take a break, and then go back and finish it with a new outlook. A new set of eyes.

That's what this vacation was for us. A much needed break. I speak for both Phillip and I.

I think that now, I can better tackle the next big projects at hand....the dreaded the Deployment and life in general.

1 comment:

Team Manager said...

That's awesome. It sounds like this vacation is exactly what you (and Phil) needed. I can't wait to see pics.

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