Friday, May 23, 2008

What Now?

I ask myself, "What will be next?".

When we got home on Sunday, we had a message on the machine from some lady named Mary at the doctor's office Lab. I wondered why SHE would be calling instead of the doctor and why we would even need a doctor to call....we weren't waiting for any Lab results on anything.

I finally talk to her yesterday. Somehow, Sarah's PKU Test got lost in transit from the hospital to the State. When Phillip heard what the call was about, he was none too happy and neither was I. If you don't remember, those tests hurt....A LOT. Anyway, Mary asked me to bring her back in to re-test and so, we did that today and Sarah handled it like a champ. She didn't even flinch when she got poked on the foot, but got a little mad when we tried "milking" her little leg to get enough blood out of her to complete the test. Meanwhile, I had a box of tissue ready to catch my tears for just in case she DIDN'T handle things so well.

So this is the third thing we've had trouble with involving Ms. Sarah. First, it was the hospital forgetting the "H" on Sarah for the Birth Certificate, and so we had to go down to Austin to get that fixed...Second, we had to get her Social Security card changed after we got the proper spelling on her certificate changed (but first we needed a doctor's note or Baptismal Certificate to show proof of life....[Don't ask me why a Birth Certificate is not enough]), and now this.....

"What's next?", I ask ya.

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Christie Groth said...

Just got the chance to sit down and check out everyone's blog for a bit. K is on leave and doesn't like me taking this time out. The pics are WONDERFUL and I hate that little Sarah is coming with so much drama. Gotta love little girls though. It comes before they even hit puberty! lol

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