Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here's what's going on at Casa de Lopez:

  • Gabe is going to graduate from kindergarten next Monday. He's growing up way too fast!
  • Sarah is on a growth spurt. She's eating and sleeping A LOT! She's growing way too fast too!
  • I'm in the midst of planning what to do this summer to keep us busy after Phillip leaves. I've got a list; I just hope that it helps time go by faster.
  • Did I mention already that I HATE deployments? I know that hate is a strong word, but yes sir, I HATE deployments!!!
  • We also have a list of things for Phillip and I to complete before he goes. We are slowly getting things done.
  • Since our vacation a couple of weeks ago, I'm having a really hard time finding the motivation to do anything. I have a bad case of the "don't wants".
  • After our last car trip, we've decided that a mini-van might be in our future. We have lots of stuff to haul and the kids will have friends for us to cart around too, I'm sure.
  • I think the kids and I are going to the Dallas area in late July to watch the incredible David Beckham play some soccer. Whoooo hoooooooo!!!
  • The only good thing about deployments is that the extra money that comes in helps to pay off debts and add to savings. I'll need to focus on doing just that and getting our house ready to sell, because when Phillip returns, we will be ready to move somewhere....just wish I knew where.
  • If anyone around my area knows the name and number of a good handy-man, would you please pass it on to me? I'll soon have a list of things for him to do too.
  • Methinks it's time to change the look of this blog again....Sarah is not included at the top header....stay tuned.
I guess that's it for now....
Later Ya'll.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I know they are totally dorky, but I LOVE having a minivan :)

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