Friday, August 22, 2008

More shorts, Part Two...

Here we go AGAIN:
  • Thanks to my wonderful husband for turning me on to now have a fabulous new homepage that I truly love.....I mean LOVE!
  • I'm putting Gabe in Cub Scouts. I think he will really enjoy it and I'm excited for him. He loves stuff like that!
  • My Beer Fridge kinda went out on me yesterday. At first, I thought it was just a burnt bulb, but this morning, the stuff inside was warm. Thankfully, all I had to do was throw away the bad stuff, and push the reset button on the power jack. Ta Da!!!! All better...
  • How do you like my use of the word "stuff" today?
  • Gabe's new teacher happens to be one of our friends and neighbors. I've given him the talk about how she is his teacher now, and he must give her that respect. I think he got the idea. She was very excited to have him in her class and told him that she is looking forward to having him as a "table leader". He was also so excited to see that his friend, Logan, is in his class that he almost cried! Another friend of theirs is in the same class, so both boys are excited. And Emma, the girl that Gabe "spys on", is not in the class....Gabe is so relieved that he won't have to worry about his crush being in the same room.
  • I fired my lawn guy, because he sucks! He was recommended by some friends and maybe he does a great job for them, but when my neighbors call and say that my yard looks like shit and I call him and find out he hasn't cut my grass for a month, because he felt it didn't need's time for him to go! When I canceled services with him, he didn't seem to give a rat's butt!!! I'm relieved that he is out of my life!
  • I met my blogger friend, JB, yesterday. It was so nice to meet her, since she seems like a really cool gal. I think we'll start walking soon. She even blogged about our meeting on her blog! And if you like my cool new signature at the bottom; I got it from her blog. Cuz that's how I roll....I steal things that I like. LOL


Debra said...

Thats great for Gabe to have a familiar face for a teacher...That sucks about the lawn guy, maybe the next one you get will do what needs to be done when it needs it! How's Miss Sarah?

Jennifer Bowen said...

I'm excited to hear Gabe is joining the Cub Scouts. He's going to love it!

Looks like he'll have more responsibility in the classroom...awesome!

It was wonderful meeting you and your little ones yesterday. And, yes, you are all truly gorgeous-cute! :)

Love your new sig!

Team Manager said...

I'm happy Gabe got some good news at meet the teacher night.

That's too bad about the lawn guy. He's working out fine for us so far.

Yeah to new friends!!

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