Thursday, August 7, 2008


I realize that I haven't blogged lately (okay, in like, a few days) so I figured that I'd give you an update:

  • Gabe is in Gulf Shores with Phillip's parents, his cousins, and one friend. The friend is Jordan, who I'd probably adopt as a little sister for myself if I could, because she is a complete Hoot!
  • I talked to Gabe this morning and he is having a great time. Good! The kid deserves it.
  • Sarah and I have been shopping, napping, and just plain taking it easy...which is a nice.
  • The crazy woman in my life has started with her crap again. I pray hard for a solution to the problem.
  • Since we are all friends and adults here, I will tell you this: I had to see a doctor over here in Lafayette for a small problem. Basically, I was a lion with a splinter in the paw and could take it no longer; I had the evil Mirena device removed. (it seemed like a good idea at my post-partum visit...come to find out, it wasn't) Well, a routine test came back with some questionable results (high grade squamous epithelial cells), and so on Monday I will have a Colposcopy done. I don't think we have anything to worry about, because this is the second time something this happens to me, but still...
  • Next week, I plan to visit with our friends Craig and Mary in Deridder, LA. I can't wait to see them and their new house!
  • I also plan to sneak off to New Orleans with Gabe, if I can. Even if it is a small day trip, it will still be fun to show him around and do a little more shopping. I want to take him to Cafe Du Monde, ride the riverboat to the zoo, shop in the French Quarter, ride down Canal street on the cable car, etc. Maybe we can even have a quick lunch with one of my dear friends, Holly, if she's not too busy.
  • Next Friday, Phil's Mom will babysit for me while I treat myself to a massage at one of my favorite places here in Lafayette.
  • I need to have Sarah's six month portraits done. I can't find a place that I like, to do it over here, so I may have to wait until I can get back to TX. By then, she will be 7 months old. I'm a stickler for accuracy so this is weighing heavily on my mind. Amazing, what I worry myself with!
  • School starts over here for the kids in Lafayette parish tomorrow. Bummer!
  • I learned two things about my Edge this summer: The special sized, 18 inch, tires on it are very hard to find (I got a nail in my tire about a month ago. I was going to be a big girl and handle the problem myself, but with no luck on finding a tire anywhere in the Killeen/Austin area, I called my Dad and he reminded me of something...); thankfully I have Roadside Hazard on it so I didn't have to pay a butt load to replace a tire. And, I was not getting good gas mileage at all. Not like I used to. Come to find out, if you use gas without Techron in it, your gas will burn faster and you are wasting your money. Texaco and Chevron gas is a little more expensive, but saves you in the long run. You can get way more miles to the tank. Just FYI for you.
  • Our time is running out here in Louisiana and we got lots of stuff done, but there is still more that I want to do. I'm sure that, if Phillip is going to be away through next summer, we will be spending the summer here again. And maybe next time, Sarah can do more things with us since she won't be such a small fry.
  • Oh, and Sarah can flip from her belly to her back now. If she swings her leg over, she can do it! The little Chunky Monkey still can't make it from her back to her belly...kinda reminds me of a turtle on it's back. LOL And we're still practicing the whole sitting up thing.
I have given myself the summer to grieve and have my pity-party over Phillip being gone. I am pretty sure that I am ready to face life at home without him, with a better attitude than I had when I went home at the beginning of the summer. School will keep us busy. I plan to organize, clean, and get the house ready to be put on the market. I have my list of to-dos. I also plan on dropping some un-wanted pounds. When Phillip left the first time, I dropped at least 25 lbs and I plan to do that plus more. I just need to learn how to keep it off! Because somehow, when Phil is home, we eat more and exercise less...I just don't get it.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Christie Groth said...

Well I think you are in good company when it comes to weight gain when the hubbys get home. My mom says when you get happy, you get hungry. I also think I like to spend time with him when he's home....time I might spend exercising when he's gone. hahaha
You seem to have a lot going on and I hope all turns out well, you get home safely, your home comes together with ease, the pounds fall off quickly, and your children are a wonderful blessing to you each and every day. I also pray our summer is filled with the love of our hubbys next year. hehe

Harper said...

Sounds like you're having a busy summer!! Good luck with all of your plans for the school year! :) - Harp

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