Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching Up...Part Two

So, these are some of the things that we've experienced recently:

Gabe and his friends in the local Boy Scout Pack had a another Pinewood Derby last month (his car is the blue one in the middle).

Here's another picture taken during a Derby heat. Our car made 2nd place twice and dead last once. I made a mistake in not checking the weights underneath the car before the race and I believe that we may have had some "drag". Otherwise, after two years of figuring out how to build these cars, I am confident that if it had not been for this minor mistake, we may have had a winner. Darn! Maybe next year. Gabe wants next year's car to look like a penguin.

We went home to Patterson, LA last Fall for Phillip's high school reunion. Thanks to Pa-paw and Ya-ya, we were able to enjoy ourselves (kid free) for the weekend.

The kids and I went to Salado one weekend to see the Scottish Highland Games (yet another thing that I really wanted to see before we left Texas). The bagpiper parade was really cool to listen to and watch. There were many different activities to see and tents to explore; overall, a very educational experience.

We took off one Saturday in the direction of Luckenbach (because everybody is somebody in Luchenbach)...

and ended up seeing Enchanted Rock before we got there. I really wish that we would've had the right weather and equipment with us to make the hike up to the top (maybe we can sneak off to do this in the two weeks that Phillip will have here once he gets out of school?).

And before Enchanted Rock, we passed through the town of Llano...

and ate at Cooper's Bar-B-Que. SO GOOD!!!

We were able to see an eagle's nest on the side of the road on the way to Llano.

Sarah turned two on Groundhog's Day (February 2nd). I think that I'll find a special place to keep all of her cake toppers from every year, and then sometime in the future, we can present her with a special cake with all of her toppers on it...what do ya think?

On the way home to Lafayette (which time, I can't remember), we stopped in Round Top, TX to eat at the famous Royer's Round Top cafe. It was featured on "Good Morning America" once and I wrote it down on the to-do list. Check!

We also took Phillip to Sweetberry Farms in Marble Falls; the kids and I had been there twice already. It says on the website that they should be open in mid-March for Strawberry picking. Hmmmm...sounds like a plan.

Longhorn Caverns was really a nice area, though we couldn't actually see inside of the caves because of recent flooding.

And Falkenstein Castle was absolutely stunning to see from the side of the road. Gabe says he wants to get married there.

The BSA Raingutter Regatta was last fall. Phillip and Gabe worked hard on their boat for quite a while. How do you like this picture of Gabe? Don't tell him that I posted it, okay?

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PHILLIP said...

I am sooooo glad you're doing this again. It's always a special treat to see the little trips down memory lane.

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