Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Notes and Bullets...and exclamation points.

There's lots going on in our household these days...

  • Sarah has perfected the art of opening doors/turning door handles...Oh My!
  • I hate the month of March here in Texas; too windy and my allergies are killing me. Darn you, cedar pollen!!! (I was so sick this past weekend. I thought I was going to get bronchitis, but I put up a fight and won!).
  • We have about 6 weeks left to go and I hope we sell the house SOON!
  • Keeping the house in "model condition" all the time is soooo not fun, but the feedback from realtors/prospective buyers is great....I just wish that someone would make an offer so that I can cut back on all the cleaning and straightening.
  • The kids and I went to the lake yesterday after school. Spring, I think, is officially here. The weather is nice and each of us needed to get some sun on our pasty white skin. I broke out the shorts and flip-flops; soaking up the Vitamin D felt nice...real nice.
  • Phillip has started another phase of his MTP Course. He's in class all day (instead of almost half a day) and is taking in lots of information.....his brain is fried by the time I talk to him in the evenings.
  • Gabe gets his report card this afternoon....drum roll, please.
  • Little Miss Sarah LOVES shoes and was in paradise yesterday when she saw that I got her a few new pairs (hey, I was at Target and couldn't help myself...she's "set" for the summer, I think).
  • We miss Phillip and can't wait to have him home. Life is always more complete when he's around.
  • Gabe continues to amaze and inspire me on a daily basis. He's almost 8 years old, and is really good company. He's maturing rapidly these days (Where is my "little" boy?). And I had to go shopping yesterday because he's hit a major growth spurt since Christmas! I look at him and see my brother's body (as I remember him as an adolescent, and since I didn't know Phillip as a young boy), sturdy, a bit stocky, and strong.
  • I realize that, since we have about 6 weeks left in this area, I need to get my booty in gear; I need to make lists of things that need to be done before the move, during the move, and after the move. Since we haven't re-located in over 5 years, I'm kinda nervous. There's lots to be done!
  • We're going back to Lafayette this weekend to celebrate Easter. It will be the last time for a long while that we are in that area. I'm sad about that.

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NesrstaFamily said...

Oooo, I LOVE bullets! Have fun exploring the rest of Texas and have a Happy Easter in Lafayette. Good luck to Phil! It's a rough course, but so worth it in the end. I have no doubt that you will be a super awesome MTP! Lots of love from Kansas!!!

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