Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great Weekend

It was a great weekend. We have lots of pictures from the Baptism and the reception following etc. Our traveling day on Friday went rather smoothly with both kids still being in good moods at the end of the day; Phillip and I weren't too bad off either (I hate long car rides). Throughout the week, I will post pics and tell you about our weekend.

Yesterday, our traveling day was a bit of a hassle. It took us forever to get home. We woke up late, went to lunch with Phillip's parents at one of our favorite restaurants before we left town (we would not have missed the opportunity to eat at Prejeans), and of course we had to gas up and buy some cajun groceries before we actually got well on our way.

I truly think that we had a bit of a Divine Intervention when we passed Beaumont. Sarah had not eaten since 9 a.m., so Phillip decided to pull off of the highway and stop at Ford Park so that we could stretch our legs and get her to eat something before she turned into a little terror. We went inside and I found some warm water for her bottle, and then Gabe and I went to use the bathroom. As soon as we got out, I looked out of the windows of the building we were in to see traffic backed up for over a mile. It turned out to be a fatal accident. I've linked a Beaumont news station: go here. We had just pulled off of the highway and missed being involved in that accident by mere minutes if not seconds.

The very nice and helpful women at the Ford Visitor's Center gave us maps and directions on how to bypass the stopped traffic and also gave us a hint on how to avoid Houston traffic (which we absolutely hate). All we had to do was take Beltway 8 around Houston; I think it will be an option for our future travels. We finally got home around 9:30 last night. It's only about 6.5 hours of drive time for us, but with stops...it takes much longer. And to think, we will do the same trip again next month!

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