Thursday, April 24, 2008

On a much lighter note...

Headlines of the week for the Lopez household:
  • But she's too young.. 11-week old baby is teething. Doctor confirms that yes, indeed, those are teeth!
  • Neighborhood Rooster Mystery is solved. Next door neighbors from Ghana kept them in back yard, plucked and ate them!
  • Allergies and Sickness Rule the household...or at least for Baby and Mother.
  • "It's good to be Six." states young man as he walks down the street.
  • Getting Ready for Science Night. Details Later.


Margaret said...

Teeth?! You suck! Hahaha, I love you anyways. Clark is still drooling like a crazy man, but not a single tooth in sight.

Team Manager said...

Since she is getting teeth early maybe she will knock them all out quickly and be done. I'll cross my fingers for ya.

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