Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun in the....well, it was Partly Cloudy

"But Daaaaad, all the other babies are wearing them!"
"Yes, but if all the other babies roll their strollers off of a cliff, would you do the same?"

Phillip, the over-protective father, finally conceded on this bikini because it covered more than the others offered at Babies-R-Us. (the arguments over clothes start already!)

We're amazed and so were everyone else that she actually keeps her sunglasses on. She was doing it up like a Rock Star yesterday!

Okay, so I guess you're wondering where we were. The last time Phillip was deployed, I took Gabe to Schlitterbahn and he's been wanting to take Dad there ever since. We finally got the chance yesterday. We all had fun, and I got the chance to even out my sunburn/tan from the cruise.

We've been so busy this week. We had our last dinner with Craig and Mary on Wednesday. Of course, we went to our favorite place, Orchid Thai. I mentioned it before and I'll say it again...We'll miss them. But, we are going to be in Louisiana a lot this summer, and so we will see them soon.

We are all preparing for what's to come. I'm thinking that when I drop Phillip off for "you know what", I'll keep on driving down to Louisiana and spend at least a week. It will be a good diversion for all of us. Phil and I made a list yesterday of all there is to do for Gabe and I while we visit LA. Besides spending time with family, I can take Gabe to places like the Audubon Zoo, Chretien Point plantation (a couple of miles down the road from Mom's house), we can go take a picture of the statue of Evangeline (in St. Martinville, LA), ghost tours, swamp tours, festivals of all sorts, etc. etc. If you stop to think about it, Gabe is a "military brat" and doesn't REALLY know where his parents come from; this will be a good opportunity to teach him about his roots. And when we plan to go somewhere, I'll basically send an email to my local kinfolk and friends and ask who's in for the excursion.

Idleness is the devil's workshop. We plan to stay busy.


NesrstaFamily said...

Looks like you guys have a good plan. Glad you got to spend time together.

Team Manager said...

I too, am all about staying busy. You and I both know (from the last time around) how much it makes the time fly. I'm glad Gabe got to take his Daddy to Schlitterbahn and that Sarah was able to join in the fun. Have a safe trip back to LA and I'll see you when you return.

Linda said...

Ya just got the best looking kids on the planet,Janet!!


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