Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures from our week away...

I took a trip down memory lane this past week and showed Gabe a few of the places where Mommy went to school. The picture below is where I went to school (St. Ignatius, Grand Coteau, LA) up until the 4th grade. Right beside the school is St. John Berchman's Church. I was baptised into the Catholic religion there and graduated from kindergarten there, as well. To the side of the church on it's left is a Catholic Retreat House and to the left of the church is a Jesuit seminary. I still remember like it was yesterday attending plays put on by the Jesuits and exploring the Retreat House with my favorite priest, Father Poche. (a small group of us were "sick" and couldn't attend P.E., so Father Poche took us to the Retreat House for milk and cookies to help us feel better!)Although I didn't attend the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, it is still one of my favorite places on earth to visit. The charm and peacefulness of the campus is extraordinary. At the time that I was in school, the first year was 5th grade, but now it starts with kindergarten. I know if we were living in the area, that is where I'd want Sarah to attend school (funds allowing, of course). Many of my friends went on from 5th grade, straight through their senior year. Unfortunately, I was not able to go because of the extremely high price of tuition. Rumor has it that Salma Hayek was kicked out of the school for not following the strict rules. Click here to read more about the school and the Grand Coteau area.
Oak Alley was planted years ago so that there would be a shaded lane for travelers to get from the Academy to St. Ignatius School and the Church.
This is one of the buildings on the ASH campus. I believe it's on the second floor of this building that the only U.S. recognized location of a miracle happened. Grand Coteau is a very beautiful little town. I've made it known to many that I love, that the cemetery there is where I want to be at my eternal rest.
A pond on the ASH campus.

From St. Ignatius, I went on to Sunset Elementary and then on to Sunset High until my junior year. Sunset High was such an old school that a new one was built, and so at Beau Chene High, I finished off my education. The picture above is a time capsule to be opened up at the close of the school. It was put there in 1992.

I was so disappointed in the poor shape of the school. It is only about 16 years old, and was named (in french) for the huge old oak trees in front of the building. I was in the second graduating class. I have many great memories from that place. But then again, if given the chance, I'd never go back to high school....I'm crazy, but not that crazy! I'm at peace with the way my life is now.

After our trip down memory lane, we went on to Mom's house . Sarah loved the bean-bag chair!


JennK said...

What an adventure y'all had. Bring me next time!!!!

Team Manager said...

Such an interesting post. It's cool to hear about some of your background. Awesome for Gabe to get a tour of your roots. LOVE Oak's breathtaking. I'm awfully curious about what's in that time capsule or even more so, when it will be opened. Any chance I'll ever know?

NesrstaFamily said...

I am totally loving the trees. I looooove oak trees especially lined down the grounds like that. Very interesting story. It's neat you have so much history surrounding you.

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