Monday, June 16, 2008

It's been fun. It's been a distraction. And now we're coming home.

We are driving home tomorrow. I feel really sad, and not quite ready to face a house without Phillip, but I have two wonderful children to keep me busy. Like Jenn K, I'll go home and do some cleaning and organizing to make it feel like a fresh start. We've got things to do for the rest of the month of June and July will have us mostly in Texas.

We did quite a bit this week that I'll blog later about. Thankfully, MOST of my family understood the method to my madness this week. I'm taking it day by day; no plans, just waking up and doing what I feel like doing. My main focus is myself and my kids. And all in all, it was a great week.

I'm looking forward to Friday, when I'll have friends over for a "Lift the Spirits" get-together.

Gotta go for now...we're having a "picnic" that my little party planner (Gabe) has organized. I'm needed in the kitchen.


Team Manager said...

I'm looking forward to Friday. Drive safe tomorrow!

JennK said...

I can't wait for Friday!!! I know it's bitter sweet to come home but I think that you'll be glad ya did. Hugs!

PHILLIP said...

I'm glad everything worked out for the best for everyone involved by you going home for a while. Be safe driving out to TX. I'm thinking of you and the kids all the time. I love you.


Christie Groth said...

Back to the Hood...that's what I'm talkin' bout! hahaha
See you Friday!
It's so sweet to see Phil's comment. The connection with internet is truly a blessing to us all!

Linda said...

I like the blog space...looks nice, but liked the other one too! Had to get here to find the pic of the 8'6" cottonmouth....Jeremy was VERY interested in seeing it, so I stole the pic!

I heard some VERY nice comments bout you and the fam...Mom just could not get over the beautiful,fat,sweet Sarah! She has some other things to say that I will share in an email!

Love you so much, Linda

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