Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today is Phillip's birthday.

Yep, he was born a looooonnnnnng time ago. ha ha

And I pray that we will be able to celebrate many, many, many, many, many (do you get it?) more birthdays with him. Even though he is not here with us now, we'll have a piece of cake tonight in his honor. We may even film a video of it.

We Love You, Phillip!!!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Happy Birthday, J's husband! :) Stay safe and know that you and all the troops over there are in our prayers. Take care!

JennK said...

#1 I'm crying cuz its Phil's b-day
#2 you're back on my blog
#3 get your fine ass back here so we can drink!!!!!

Linda said...

That's my boy!!! 37??..yeah, it is 37, cuz he was born 3 months before Jeremy...geez....that makes me sound SOOO OLD!! Your husband is my kids age!!! ARGGGG!!!

Let's see, I have nicknames for all the people I love....what can I nickname you?..let's IT...(you know how it is with a coonass..we gotta have that 'special' little name for all our loves...)

BabyBird! Guess I got that from the video of Sarah and you 'chirping' in the background! I loved it!!

So, BabyBird sound ok to you? If're now my BabyBird!

Love you BabyBird,


Team Manager said...

Happy belated birthday to Phil. I hope he got to celebrate just a little bit over there.

NesrstaFamily said...

Happy Birthday Phil! Put you on the blog. Hope you are doing as good as can be.

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