Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Day at Jefferson Island

We went to see the gardens and tour the house on Jefferson Island last week. It was really nice, but really hot and humid. I guess everyone else was at work or wherever, because we had the place to ourselves. It really is a beautiful place. Phillip and I considered having our wedding there since it was the location of one of our first dates.
The mansion belonged to the actor Joseph Jefferson, who was famous in his day (a looooong time ago) for portraying the character, Rip Van Winkle. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of the mansion. Since we were the only tourists, we were able to see and ask about lots of things in the house. Our tour guide even took us for a tour of the back herb garden where we were able to smell and sample some of the herbs. Below, you see the chimney of the care takers cottage that was sunk in the Lake Peigneur sinkhole incident on November 20, 1980. I believe 65 acres of the property are now under water.

And this is where my camera died on me (I would've actually gotten some really cool pictures of the oak trees, if that hadn't happened). Darn!

1 comment:

Jennifer Bowen said...

Great photos! It's beautiful out there. And it's good to see you all enjoying yourselves. Love the sunglasses shot of your adorable! :)

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